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Antifascist for Rozhan escort wrote:
Dont tell him. Bury it for now and use the guilt to be a better and more loving partner and mother. Telling him will only bring you, him and more importantly your child, grief. see the review
Ashtray for Crawford escort wrote:
What right do you have to try to trick and trap someone into a relationship based on lies? To take this advice a person must lack both a conscience and a soul. You would advise her to become a monster? see the review
Bedacht for Vera Aaa escort wrote:
Is it his daughter? see the review
Dillema for Kimjenny escort wrote:
Have the child DNA tested. see the review
Nutlet for Missoni escort wrote:
Do not marry him unless you get honest! see the review
Asouras for Tendresse97 escort wrote:
Your stress and anxiety is likey due to your lack of honesty. see the review
Dikkop for Cauley escort wrote:
Deal with the consequences of your actions... and no, this is no mistake. Stop referring to your purposeful actions as a mistake. see the review
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