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Snivels for Eidith escort wrote:
I'm very sorry but in a situation such as this you need to either question everything or question nothing. see the review
Martynia for Xhyle escort wrote:
You wrote in here so you are questioning something, even if it is questioning yourself and your judgement. see the review
Rancorous for Thirana escort wrote:
You'll fall in love again...give yourself the chance to do it with someone who does not have such poor boundaries. see the review
Hotrod for Moayid escort wrote:
This boils down to you not trusting your girlfriend and the sooner you quit lying to yourself, the better off you'll be. see the review
Jagjit for Redi escort wrote:
I think the OP has already stated that she has been on solo trips already with no problems. He didn't have a problem with the trip to Italy. He has a problem with her spending a weekend at a villa with just her gf and two guys. Why can some poeple not understand that most couple would not be ok with this. see the review
Isochronous for Tianyue escort wrote:
There is a story I think on here, were a wife went to San Francisco with a male friend for a mini vacation. When she got back it was to a empty house. Husband and son moved out. see the review
Goodly for Sukha escort wrote:
It is not ok to spend time like this with the opposite sex. Why do you think there are so many poeple on this type of forum? Be cause some poeple put themselves in situations that it can happen. Then the excuses start, I had to much to drink, it happened so fast that I didn't realize until it was to late, blah blah bla. see the review
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