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Munden for Shewdoan escort wrote:
"I don't want to be screwed out of a long term engagement just because I screwed somebody else 5 times. It's not like I am in love with them". see the review
Combination for Andea escort wrote:
This won't be one of them. see the review
Ashur for Yusuf escort wrote:
Smackie, you do make a good point. see the review
Levitin for Mimmi escort wrote:
I, who am an absolutist "burn the witches" type am also well aware that for some, this type of thing is not a deal breaker, and in some cases it has for odd reasons, allowed some couples to survive and thrive. see the review
Futurist for Tajiya escort wrote:
The only thing I would add to your statement is that in my opinion, most of those who do survive these things and thrive in their relationship do so because hey take the bull by the horns and work on themselves to become a safe person to be around, regardless of the outcome see the review
Rousseau for Ilogene escort wrote:
It's almost as if her underlying theme is "Yeah I banged this guy 5 times, but it was just a physical need being fulfilled. So it's only a bad thing if somebody gets hurt. But since he is none the wiser right now, he isn't really hurt. see the review
Rucker for Iry escort wrote:
You and I have had the luxury of being here long enough that we do occasionally see a happy ending to these stories, albeit few and far between. see the review
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