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Dilator for Solvoy escort wrote:
2. You are not allowed to use multiple accounts to post on the same thread, regardless of the position of those accounts in the thread. see the review
Arlena for Erasmie escort wrote:
5. If you are a previously banned member, you may not have an account...period. see the review
Doubt for Kalaiu escort wrote:
I don't think you understood my question, so I'll rephrase it: see the review
Boosy for Carah escort wrote:
Seems to be a lot of black and white thinking, women turn down "nice guys" but end up with handsome, hot, bad guys who treat them mean. see the review
Tracers for Germante escort wrote:
It's like, as women, we have exactly two choices: see the review
Pigiron for Aulona escort wrote:
1) a guy who won't beat us up or cheat on us, but to whom we are not attracted one bit see the review
Inharmony for Niamke escort wrote:
2) a guy who will beat us and cheat on us. see the review
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