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Lordelo for Tohe escort wrote:
Be honest with him about how you feel but be prepared that things may end with him as TFY pointed out. see the review
Cyrille for Viendo escort wrote:
Originally Posted by PhilHarper see the review
Nirvana for Hurai escort wrote:
Yes, I will def do this. see the review
Guinna for Bahsan escort wrote:
This is great advice! I’ll ask him for clarification and share my thoughts too. see the review
Jeanmarie for Argeniz escort wrote:
I will talk with him more about it when I see him. see the review
Jungle for Ghods escort wrote:
If you are dating other guys, absolutely are shopping them... see the review
Had for Soyle escort wrote:
You’re so right! I prefer dating one guy at a time but I guess because I’m older, and seen how some men can be players. I rather protect myself and not go all the way in until it’s serious. Even my male cousin said I should date multiple men. see the review
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