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Obis for Perle escort wrote:
I hadn’t considered the texting part before, you are right that’s bad enough if itself! see the review
Denned for Bhagwat escort wrote:
You are still talking about doing him harm like it's a future tense. This is why I say you don't yet get it. You have ALREADY harmed him...the only thing here is that he doesn't know it yet. Telling him is just another chance to do the right thing or the wrong thing and you are doing the wrong thing if you don't tell him. see the review
Leafy for Tianyue escort wrote:
It's simple...look at it this way: see the review
Goatbeard for Puna escort wrote:
- If you love him, then you want the best for him, whether it negatively impacts you or not see the review
Staring for Crestin escort wrote:
- What's best for him, is to have all of the correct information so that he is fully informed as to who he is marrying, and not risking losing years of his life with someone he would never have married had he been given the benefit of all the relevant information to make really large live decision in an informed way. see the review
Yagis for Sirkka Liisa escort wrote:
Think of it like this....if you found out from his doctor that he had cancer, and had two months to live, would you tell him? Would you want him to know the brutal truth no matter how difficult it would be for him, so that he can make some informed decisions on how he wants to spend his time and how what he wants to prioritize in his life? Or would you decide that because if would be hard on him and ruin his day, that it would be best to just not let him know and let him go on ignorant of it until it knocks him off of his feet some time down the road? see the review
Tsunamic for Aurette escort wrote:
The choice is the same...what's good for your husband if you love him...only difference is that in this reality, you have created it, and you will have to pay the consequences. Don't let selfishness be the reason you don't tell him! see the review
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