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Gaskell for Jothi escort wrote:
I often read of people complaining about modern dating and how hard it is. Perhaps I'm showing my age, but I think all this multi dating is part of the cause. see the review
Zolaesque for Nareeman escort wrote:
People hedging their bets by dating a few at once, too afraid to take a risk, holding back on emotional's no surprise that so many find it difficult to make a connection. see the review
Zymogene for Ozzy escort wrote:
So, we talked on the phone. He told me this previously but he is gonna be out of town for a little bit dude to work training. He asked me before what's gonna heppened between us but I didn't answer. see the review
Kiting for Tianyue escort wrote:
I asked him, "Are you asking you for us to be exclusive?" And he said, "Yeah but..." see the review
Conscription for Eidith escort wrote:
Anyway, we agreed to talk about it later in person. see the review
Fiedler for Halhat escort wrote:
My boyfriend and I have been exclusive since our first date more than 4 years ago. He didn't ask for exclusivity on the first date but at the end of our 5 hour first date said that he liked me so much he would not be dating anyone else. Of course nothing was written in stone and there was no real commitment yet, but we already liked each other enough to not want to spend our available time going on dates with other people. see the review
Manship for Jomma escort wrote:
As someone who used to over analyze everything, I've found much more success when I don't think to hard. see the review
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